Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule
Finding time for cleaning and laundry amongst our busy schedules and our family's busy schedules gets tough. Sometimes it feels as though we have no free time and as though these jobs are overwhelming and too big to keep up with. 

By using this printable cleaning schedule and the method I show you in my post about Real Organized cleaning, it breaks cleaning down into manageable bite-sized tasks you can complete a little bit at a time throughout the week. 
Using this printable will help you see those bite-sized tasks throughout the week and get them done. It will help you fit the cleaning and laundry into your busy life in a way that works and frees up your time in the long run. Yay! Plus you get to mark off the check boxes when you are done and cheer for your progress throughout the week. That is always fun!
This printable is editable which means you can personalize it yourself to your schedule and routine. When life changes and you need to change your cleaning schedule, just come back to your file, make your changes and easily change your schedule. 
I recommend that you print on cardstock and laminate for use with a dry erase pen week after week. 
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