Family Money & Tickets

Family Money & Tickets
Raising kids is not for the faint of heart. In being organized and trying to raise responsible kids, we need systems in place for ourselves so we can be responsible parents and follow up with our kids. For most of us, using something visual will make us more likely to remember and follow through.
That is why I created these tickets and family dollars. The adorable tickets and family dollars allow you to have a visual representation and allow you to remember to follow up with your kids. They also give your child some control over when and how to use their earned tickets and dollars.
Use the tickets to allow your children to earn 30 minutes of time for electronics or whatever other items you want to limit the use of. They allow your child to regulate when they use the tickets and you to keep track of how much is being used on a daily basis. An easy visual representation of the system you have created.
The family money can be personalized with your family name, which is super fun! They allow you to set up whatever system you want for your children to earn money or items. Once a week (or on whatever schedule you set up) your children can turn in their family dollars for real money or an item at the store or for whatever value you have given them. It is all up to you to decide their value as there are not specific dollar amounts on them. Once again, they are there to serve as a visual representation for the whole family to see and remember. It makes it easier for most of us to then follow through as a parent when we have that visual representation.
You can learn more about my ideas about being real organized raising responsible kids here
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