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Real Organized Undated Printable Calendar - Black

Real Organized Undated Printable Calendar - Black

Have you always dreamed of feeling in control of your home, family and all those schedules, but you feel stuck because you are overwhelmed and feeling frazzled?

I used to feel just that way. In fact, I missed appointments, showed up at parties without what I had said I would bring and just generally felt stressed and frazzled. I hated feeling that way and being unreliable for my family and friends. 

When I took control of my family calendar, the whole story changed. Now, I show up with what I have signed up for, I don't miss appointments and the best part, I feel more peaceful and calm. 

There are so many moving parts that we as women are trying to juggle from the calendar, to getting kids to activities, to meals, to paying the bills, making sure the house is clean and the laundry is done. It can be overwhelming, but I have found that by keeping all of those things planned out in one place, I am able to not only keep up but maintain my sanity {well most days ;-)}. 

The Real Organized Printable Calendar is designed for busy women. It has places to keep track of your schedules, to-do lists, meals, bills, and cleaning. By having all of those things in one place, it makes it easier for you to know what you have going on when and to make realistic plans for each day.  You can read more about how to take charge of your calendar here.

Picture this: You’re able to keep up with who needs to be where when, the family meals, the house and even feel a sense of peace and calm at the end of the day at having kept up without dropping the ball. Sounds like a dream, right? Nope. By creating a system in your life to keep up with all of your meals, family activities, cleaning and even the bills in one simple place you will feel less frazzled and have more peace. 
The great part is that I have created that system in my Real Organized Planner.
Here is what is included in your purchase:
  • Cover
  • Important Dates Tracker
  • Undated Monthly Calendars
      • includes space for notes and dates to remember
  • Undated Weekly Calendars
      • includes meal and cleaning planning as well as tracking your to-do list
  • Printable Stickers to make things cute and make important items stand out on your calendar. 
Buy now and get the BONUS
  • Daily Planner!
      • includes hourly planning, goals, notes, bills, cleaning and a don't forget section. Perfect to be efficient on those busy days. 
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