Meal Planning Cards - Grey

Meal Planning Cards - Grey
Picture shows BLUE meal planning cards - this is for the same exact style cards in GREY. 
Do the words, "Mom, what's for dinner?" cause panic to flood your body?
By adding weekly meal planning to your routine, you will save your sanity as well as save a ton of money by not eating out all the time. 
Weekly meal planning is simple. Once you have a system in place it can take just 10-15 minutes per week, but let's be real, as a mom life changes from when you plan to the day you actually need to prepare the meal. 
This meal planning system was created with a busy and every changing family life in mind. You can create a meal planning system using my command center or just magnetic clips (affiliate link) on your fridge. Whatever works for you. 
Use these cards to plan your meals each week and quickly and easily change plans as life changes. 
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These blue meal planning cards are fully editable. Add your most commonly used meals to a card to make planning even faster. 
Print on cardstock and laminate to use them over and over....once again making planning super fast and easy. 
Take back meal time sanity with this great planning tool. 
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